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Download Official Yahoo! Messenger Full Version Install Setup File

Yahoo! Messenger version 8.1 is the current official final version of Yahoo! Messenger that is not in beta [...]

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Download Standalone Installer for Windows Live Messenger 8.5 for XP and Vista

The final version of Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger) 8.5 with build 8.5.1302.1018 has been released since November [...]

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Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista 2008.01.11.428 Download Link

Yahoo! has refreshed Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista to version 2008.01.11.428, mainly to fix various bugs and improve [...]

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Connect and Talk with AIM and ICQ Contacts in Gmail Chats

Gmail has integrated chat functionality which automatically connects and talks with Google Talk, a VoIP (voice over IP) [...]

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Download Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista 2007.11.30.421 Standalone Manual Setup Installer

Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista preview release has again also been distributed and available for free download as [...]

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Download Yahoo! Messenger Beta Full Version Installer in Various Languages

The initial release of Yahoo! Messenger 9 beta which is labeled as version is full of bugs. [...]

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Unable to Login to Windows Live (MSN) Messenger with 80048820 Extended 80048416 Error Code

When trying to sign in or login to Windows Live Messenger, which previously known as MSN Messenger, the [...]

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