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How To Add Custom Analytics Tracking Code in Jetpack Mobile Theme

Jetpack plugin supports additional of various useful features to self-hosted WordPress sites and blogs. And one of the feature that can be enabled by Jetpack is Mobile Theme. Jetpack's mobile theme is optimized for small screens of [...]

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Using Invisible Counter with Official StatCounter Plugin for WordPress

WordPress bloggers using StatCounter service to track and count visitors and page views statistics on their blogs can now download and install official WordPess plug-in for StatCounter to easily install StatCounter tracking code on self-hosted on the [...]

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Fix Munin Exim Mail Throughput Graph Not Updating Problem

Munin server service monitoring tool has a strange problem, that the Exim Mail Throughput graph may suddenly stop updating and become blank. The Exim Mail Throughput graph provides useful information and statistics on how many mails have [...]

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Fix for Munin MySQL Monitoring Plugin Graph Not Showing or Blank

Munin is a monitoring tool used to survey and monitor the performance of computers, networks, SANs, applications, databases, weather measurements and other parameters. Munin remembers and records information it captured and presents them in graphs through a [...]

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How to Activate and Use FeedBurner MyBrand for Free

FeedBurner MyBrand service is another previously premium for-pay service other than FeedBurner Stats PRO that been makes free for all after Google acquisition of FeedBurner. The MyBrand PRO lets users maintain consistency between your feed address and [...]

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Activate and Enable Premium FeedBurner Stats PRO for Free

One good things about services provided by Google is the rejection of "nothing comes free". Indeed, best products usually offered for free by Google, such as Google Analytics and Gmail. FeedBurner, been recently acquired by Google, is [...]

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StatCounter Free Account Upgrades to 500 Log Size

StatCounter is one of my top favorite free web statistics and traffic tracker, except with one notorious limitation - the limited log size. Although summary history data on the visitors and traffic is kept forever, but whenever [...]

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WordPress Plugin: Display Google Analytics and FeedBurner Reports Statistics from Site Admin

If you're using WordPress as your blogging platform, and also use Google Analytics to track web traffic statistics reporting and tracking tool, and FeedBurner to manage your web feeds and track the feed stats and syndicated traffic, [...]

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Compare Website Traffic and Website Statistics Easily Alexaholic

Alexa provides webmasters and developers valuable and detailed traffic statistics and traffic ranking to their blogs or websites. Although often doubted and criticized about Alexa traffic data due to the fact that the traffic data only captured [...]

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Check Web Page Strength In Term of Search Engine Optimization

SEOmoz has a new search engine optimization metric analysis tool that will determine how your blog or website ranks in terms of ranking search engines results page (SERP), linkage or backlinks to the blog, relative importance, visibility [...]

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