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How to Enable Auto Update WordPress Core Upgrades in MainWP

MainWP is a free, self-hosted and open source management plugin for managing multiple WordPress sites from one location. One of the features is the ability to automatically upgrade the WordPress installed with latest WordPress core updates on [...]

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Jetpack Error Updating Settings with DOM or JSON SyntaxError

After upgrading to Jetpack version 5.0, one of the following error messages may appear when attempting to change settings of Jetpack by WordPress.com, and the settings were not changed: Error updating settings. SyntaxError (DOM Exception 12): The [...]

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Top Parent Level Not Clickable & Not Link to Page on Divi Mobile Menu with Collapse Nested Items

When using Divi responsive theme for WordPress, Divi automatically presents mobile menu to visitors when the media screen width is less than 1025px. By default, all menu items, including sub-menu items, are displayed in full expanded view [...]

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Add Additional Custom CSS Class to WordPress Menu Items

Sometimes, a theme or template for WordPress does not provide full customization need for the website designers, who may be need to make custom changes to colors, styles and effects of various components of the theme and [...]

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WordPress Auto Sends Spam ‘Shared Post’ Emails via Jetpack

Without explanation, WordPress may suddenly start sending malicios spam emails which appeared to be originating from a PHP script used by WordPress. All the emails automatically and discreetly sent by WordPress has some common characteristics. All the [...]

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Insecure WordPress Version Detected Security Alert

In WordPress admin backend or Dashboard area, the following security alert popup may be displayed and shown prominently on the top of the page: SECURITY ALERT: Insecure WordPress version detected. Your site is running WordPress version 4.7.4, [...]

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Fix W3 Total Cache Failed to Open Dir /cache/db/option_comments Error

For WordPress website installed with W3 Total Cache (W3TC) plugin which intends to optimize and speed up the delivery of dynamic content to visitors, there may be occasional occurrences of PHP error such as the following: warning: [...]

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Change Days to Auto Empty & Delete or Disable WordPress Trash

When posts, pages, comments, images, files, portfolios, FAQs, products, items, custom post types or other elements that use WordPress built-in database structure to store the information are deleted, the items are sent to the Trash folder. The [...]

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Load Contact Form 7 (CF7) JS & CSS Conditionally Only on Selected Pages

Contact Form 7 (CF7) is one of the most popular plugin for WordPress websites that supports advanced features, AJAX and plenty of customization options, and can support multiple contact forms display. When Contact Form 7 plugin is [...]

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WordPress Plugin & Theme Updates Failed to Write Request To Temporary File

When updating plugins or themes in WordPress Updates, the update failed with the following error message (if you're using inline update in Plugins page, you simply get "Update Failed: Plugin update failed" error message): The update process [...]

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