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How to Use Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate Automatically in Virtualmin / Webmin

Since Webmin 1.78 and Virtualmin 5.0, Webmin can request an SSL certificate for itself from Let's Encrypt, the free, automated and open certificate authority (CA), if you have the letsencrypt client command installed. The built-in Let's Encrypt [...]

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How to Request, Generate & Setup Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate

After downloading and installing Let's Encrypt client on your web host, you're ready to create and set up the free SSL certificates signed by Let's Encrypt. The SSL certificates can be used to secure the websites with [...]

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How to Install Let’s Encrypt in CentOS / RHEL / Fedora / FreeBSD / OpenBSD / Ubuntu / Linux

Let's Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA) that provides Domain Validated (DV) certificates essential for SSL, which enables the HTTPS secure connection that encrypts data transfer. . The DV certificate verifies that you [...]

Apache HTTPD Address Already In Use: Make_Sock: Could Not Bind to Address 80 / 443 Error

When starting or restarting Apache HTTPD server which was previously working properly, error occurred and the Apache HTTPD service could not be started. One of the following error message or similar message is displayed and recorded in [...]

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Apache HTTPD No Space Left On Device Failed to Start Error

When restarting or starting the Apache HTTPD server in Linux web server, the startup failed and the following error occurred in error log: [error] (28)No space left on device: Cannot create SSLMutex Configuration Failed The error indicates [...]

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Virtualmin Package Updates Install Failed (No More Mirrors to Try)

When updating Virtualmin managed packages, such as wbm-virtual-server (Webmin module for 'Virtualmin Virtual Servers (GPL)) to latest version, the installation of updates may failed. For example, when Virtualmin failed to update wbm-virtual-server, the following error message are [...]

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How to Automatically Upgrade Installed Scripts Update on All Virtual Servers

Virtualmin provides webmasters with ability to install various scripts onto virtual servers to aid in managing of system components or quickly install popular web apps. These scripts include WHMCS, X2Engine, phpMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin, Django, RoundCube, SquirrelMail and etc. [...]

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Install and Run Multiple (and Newer 5.4 or 5.5) PHP Versions in Virtualmin

The free web hosting control panel Virtualmin comes by default with PHP version 5.3, which is pretty old version released in 2009 and no longer in development. However, Virtualmin does not provide an easy way to upgrade [...]

By | April 8th, 2015|Categories: Web Servers|Tags: , , , |1 Comment

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