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Download Free PHM Registry Editor for Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile is the legacy mobile operating system from Microsoft for smartphones and Pocket PCs, which was superseded by Windows Phone in 2010. Nonetheless, if you still have a device running Windows Mobile, and would like to [...]

Workaround to Install PHM Registry Editor in Windows Mobile 5 / 6 (WM5 / WM6)

PHM Registry Editor is a free registry editor for Windows Mobile based portable mobile devices, previously known as Pocket PC or Pocket PC Phone (PPC Phone) or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). PHM Registry Editor has not been [...]

How To Sync via Bluetooth with WMDC in Windows Vista

Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) (aka ActiveSync) in Windows Vista supports synchronization between PDA and PC via Bluetooth connection. However, occasionally for odd reason such as your computer or Pocket PC is running on WidComm Bluetooth driver [...]

Rename “Windows PC 2” Computer Name in Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC)

Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) 6 is Windows Vista version of Microsoft ActiceSync mobile synchronization software, which is only supported in Windows earlier than Windows Vista release. If you upgrade from Windows XP's ActiveSync to Vista's WMDC [...]

Using Jeyo Mobile Companion 1.1 on Windows Vista Trick

Jeyo Mobile Companion is a desktop companion application for Windows Mobile Smartphone or Pocket PC Phone Edition device that allows users to operate the mobile phone function, manage SMS and contacts on the mobile device directly from [...]

Jeyo Mobile Extender Not Connected to Mobile Device in Outlook 2007 and Vista

Even if you have successfully install Jeyo Mobile Extender (even with latest version 2.5 which claimed to be Vista and Outlook 2007 compatible) in Windows Vista which uses Microsoft Outlook 2007, you may still encounter problem that [...]

Workaround to Install Jeyo Mobile Extender 2.5 in Windows Vista

Jeyo Mobile Extender 2.5 (JME) is a useful Windows Mobile Smartphone application that adds mobile text messaging (SMS) capabilities to Microsoft Outlook application through a Windows Mobile Smartphone or Pocket PC phone. The best use of JME [...]

GoogHelper for Windows Mobile Smartphone Reviews

GoogHelper for Windows Mobile Smartphone is a stand-alone utility application that can be mapped to any external buttons on the smartphone, or added as in icon to the Today screen utilities to quickly launch various Internet searches [...]

Redirect, Stream and Listen All Audio, Sound and Music from Windows Mobile 5 and 2003 Devices to Bluetooh Headset or Earpiece

Windows Mobile 5 (WM5) and Windows Mobile 2003 (WM2003) portable device or Pocket PC Phone or PDA owner who owns non-A2DP (hands-free only) enabled Bluetooth headphone, or user who have difficulty and problem to stream high quality [...]

Speed Up and Optimize Windows Mobile 5 Devices to Boot and Run Faster

Windows Mobile 5 (WM5) portable devices are handheld Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) that previously know as Pocket PCs or Pocket PC Phone devices, and of course, powered by and run on Windows Mobile 5 firmware OS. The [...]

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