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Mobile Registry Editor (MRE) Free Download to Remotely Edit Pocket PC Windows Mobile Device Registry

Windows Mobile allows user to tweak and configure the working of the device according to user's preference by changing registry entries' values or setting registry keys. To edit the Windows Mobile registry, a registry editor is required. [...]

How to Enable Repeat Play Audio Sound Notifications in Windows Mobile

In Windows Mobile Pocket PC smartphone device, user can configure and set sounds and notifications alert for various events and activities that happening on the device. The notification alerts can be playing a custom selected sound, ring [...]

Fix Memory Card Been Shown As "Storage Card2" and Rename Back to "Storage Card"

In Windows Mobile smartphone device which accept an external SD (MicroSD/MiniSD included) memory card for expanded storage memory, the original name for the SD card device identifier will be "Storage Card". However, for some reason, such as [...]

Fix SD Memory Card Disappearing, Missing Folder or Corrupt in Windows Mobile Device

Windows Mobile Pocket PC (PPC) Phone smartphone device accepts an external SD memory card to expand the storage memory so that user can install large amount of applications and data especially program taken up big size of [...]

Change and Set Different Input Method (Letter or Block Recognizer) as Windows Mobile Default After Soft Reset

Windows Mobile portable device has multiple type of input methods selectable to type and write text and numbers on screen. By default, Windows Mobile has some built-in input methods such as Keyboard, Block Recognizer and Letter Recognizer. [...]

Tweak and Configure How Notifications Work in Windows Mobile Notifications

Windows Mobile powered device (including WM5, WM6 and WM6.1) has a registry key that allows user to tweak, control, configure and customize how notifications work in the mobile Pocket PC (PPC) device. For example, whether a notification [...]

Disable SMS Text Message Threading or Conversation Mode in Windows Mobile 6.1

Windows Mobile 6.1 has SMS (text message) threading feature, which commonly known as conversation thread mode made famous by Gmail. With SMS conversation threading enabled, the SMS will be grouped into a style similar to IM (instant [...]

CeRegEditor Free Desktop Based Registry Editor for Windows Mobile and CE (Pocket PC) Devices

CeRegEditor is a registry editor for Windows Mobile including WM5 and WM6, Windows CE, and Pocket PC 2003 mobile devices. CeRegEditor is probably a good alternative to PHM Registry Editor, although unlike PHM Registry Editor, CeRegEditor is [...]