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Disable and Switch Off Mute Call On Phone Flip Face Down Feature in HTC Touch Diamond

HTC Touch Diamond, one of the major competitor to iPhone 3G, is a Windows Mobile 6.1 powered Pocket PC Phone. It comes with a 3-axis accelerometer that senses the orientation of the phone, and able to mute [...]

HTC Touch Diamond Does Not Ring or Vibrate to Notify When Receiving SMS in Standby Mode

Some users of HTC Touch Diamond, the latest Windows Mobile 6.1-powered Pocket PC Phone, may encounter an obscure and weird problem when receiving SMS (also known as text message) while HTC Touch Diamond device is in StandBy [...]

Device Policies Deny RAPI Operations When Syncing SplashID with Windows Mobile

When synchronizing SplashID password manager wallet between SplashID desktop and Windows Mobile Pocket PC device with RAPI sync via a Sync menu, a dialog box may appear with the following error message, and the sync fails: Device [...]

MyPrefixDial Free Download to Auto Dial Calling Card Sequence Number or Prefix in Windows Mobile PPC

Windows Mobile or Pocket PC Phone users who use multiple calling card with complex dialing sequence or has to add a prefix to a phone number to call using IDD access code to overseas for cheaper rate [...]

Workaround to Install PHM Registry Editor in Windows Mobile 5 / 6 (WM5 / WM6)

PHM Registry Editor is a free registry editor for Windows Mobile based portable mobile devices, previously known as Pocket PC or Pocket PC Phone (PPC Phone) or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). PHM Registry Editor has not been [...]