List Total Files Disk Usage Size by Directories / Folders in Linux

To check and view and total disk size used by files in each and every directories and sub-directories in Linux, we can make use of du command. du command, is used to estimate file space usage, and [...]

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kipmi0 IPMI Kernel Helper 99% / 100% High CPU Usage (But Low Load Average)

In CentOS 7 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7, a process called "kipmi0" may show that it's utilizing unusually high percentage of CPU processing power, e.g. 99.7%, 99.8%, 99.9% or even 100%, even though kipmi0 process [...]

How to Set & Change Hostname & FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) in RHEL & CentOS 7

In a networking environment, all computer systems, be it Windows PC, Linux server or Unix mainframe, has a hostname. A hostname is a label (also known as computer name) that is assigned to a device connected to [...]

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Missing ntpdate And sntp Commands in Webmin

When attempting to configure the system to automatically synchronize the time with a remote time server using NTP protocol in the "time server sync" of "System Time" module of Webmin (which also used by Virtualmin and Cloudmin), [...]

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How to Find All Files with File Size Zero (0) Bytes in a Directory Recursively

In Linux operating system, to find and print the name of all files that has the file size 0 (zero) bytes, in a directory and all its sub-directories recursively, use one of the following commands: find /path/to/directory/ [...]

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Grant User Sudo Access (Add to Sudoers File or Wheel Group)

In Linux operating system, most of the users log in as standard user or normal user. But occasionally, one has to have administrator or root privileges in order to perform certain administrative tasks. Normally administrative privileges are [...]

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Check and Print Who Is Logging In in Linux / Unix

In Linux and UNIX operating system such as Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, CentOS and other distributions, many users can login to the system concurrently, by using Telnet and/or SSh (Secure Shell) to logon remotely, [...]

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Check if Reboot Is Required for Linux Kernel Update

After updating kernel of Linux, a system reboot is normally required in order to complete the update and make the new kernel effective. In fact, kernel update may be the only reason to reboot a Linux system. [...]

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ABRT ImportError: No Module Named argparse Crash Error

Large number of error emails is sent by ABRT Daemon to web server's administrator, and system log is filled with the following message: [abrt] a crash has been detected again abrt_version: 2.0.8 cmdline: /usr/bin/python /usr/libexec/abrt-action-generate-machine-id -o /var/spool/abrt/pyhook-2015-08-06-07:11:17-55377/machineid [...]

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