Program Crashes & Printer Fails to Print Suddenly When Printing Error

If you're encountering the issue where certain printer which all the while has been working properly suddenly stopped [...]

Windows Insider Channels (Dev, Beta & Release Preview) to Replace Rings

Microsoft has made another change to Windows Insider program, mainly to rename the existing "rings" system to "channels" [...]

By |2020-06-18T01:24:03-07:00Modified: June 18, 2020June 18th, 2020|Categories: Windows|Tags: , |1 Comment

Windows 10 Fails to Boot Up with USB Hard Disk Drive or Removable Device Plugged In & Attached

When connecting and attaching a USB mass storage device such as portable hard disk drive and external SSD [...]

By |2020-06-18T01:21:58-07:00Modified: June 18, 2020June 18th, 2020|Categories: Windows|Tags: , , , , |0 Comments

Your Files, Settings, Apps Can’t Be Kept Because the Language is Different When Upgrading Windows 10

When trying to upgrade Windows 10 to newer major feature update and OS version (such as Windows 10 [...]

By |2020-06-04T21:13:48-07:00Modified: June 4, 2020June 4th, 2020|Categories: Windows|Tags: , |0 Comments
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