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Missing ntpdate And sntp Commands in Webmin

When attempting to configure the system to automatically synchronize the time with a remote time server using NTP protocol in the "time server sync" of "System Time" module of Webmin (which also used by Virtualmin and Cloudmin), [...]

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Disable & Turn Off Sync Provider Notifications Ads (OneDrive / Office 365) in Windows 10 File Explorer

At the top of File Explorer of Windows 10, occasionally there may be sync provider notification displayed prominently, most commonly promoting and asking you to try out related Microsoft products such as Microsoft OneDrive and Office 365. [...]

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How to Switch User Account (Fast User Switching) in Windows 10

Windows operating system supports Fast User Switching feature that allows multiple users to sign in to the PC and switch between user accounts easily. One does not need to log out or close all the apps and [...]

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How to Sign Out & Log Off Other Users with Task Manager

Multiple users can log on to a Windows system, locally on console via fast user switching or remotely via Remote Desktop Connection. When there are more than one users connected locally to a Windows PC, administrator can [...]

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Automatic Disk Cleanup & Empty Recycle Bin to Free Up Space in Windows 10 (Enable Storage Sense)

Beginning from Windows 10 Creators Update (Version 1703), or for Windows Insiders who installed preview builds, Windows 10 Build 15014, Microsoft has added a feature called Storage Sense. Storage Sense automatically free up disk space by getting [...]

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Download Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15014 with e-Books & EPUB Support

A new Insider Preview build for Windows 10 Creators Update v.1703 has been released by Microsoft. The Windows 10 Build 15014 is flighted to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring, for both PC and Mobile editions. The [...]

How to Find All Files with File Size Zero (0) Bytes in a Directory Recursively

In Linux operating system, to find and print the name of all files that has the file size 0 (zero) bytes, in a directory and all its sub-directories recursively, use one of the following commands: find /path/to/directory/ [...]

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Switch & Change Settings to/from Control Panel to Show in WinX Quick Link Menu of Windows 10

In the Win+X / Quick Access / Quick Link / Power User menu, there is shortcut to open Control Panel and other common management and configuration tools quickly in Windows 10. Control Panel is traditional classic one-stop [...]

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How to Restart Explorer.exe in Windows 10

The explorer.exe, or simply Explorer, is one of the prominent process viewable in Task Manager that is constantly and always running, and is commonly assumed as the Windows Explorer or File Explorer (in Windows 10). But the [...]

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How to Open Control Panel in Windows 10

Control Panel is the traditional and classic settings and configuration area which prominently used almost since the inception of Windows operating system. Control Panel allows user to make various changes and personalization to Windows system from one [...]

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