Chrome / Edge Disables .CRX Installed Extensions (Workarounds to Turn On)

When installing a packed extension with .crx extension into Chromium-based web browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft [...]

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Remove Disable Developer Mode Extensions Warning Popup in Chrome / Edge

If you're apps developer or extensions developer for Chrome and Edge web browser who have to test your [...]

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VMWare Workstation and Device/Credential Guard Are Not Compatible

When powering up a virtual machine in VMWare Workstation virtualization products, i.e. VMWare Workstation Pro or VMWare Workstation [...]

How to Enable DNS over HTTPS in Chrome / Edge / Opera / Chromium

The DNS over HTTPS (DoH) support in Google Chrome and other Chromium based web browser is still categorized [...]

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Storage Spaces Can’t Add Drives (Request Is Not Supported Error 0x00000032)

When trying a add a disk drive to a storage pool of Storage Spaces, whether it's internal HDD [...]

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Physical Disk Detached from Storage Spaces Pool Is Not Showing in Windows Disk Management

After removing a disk from storage pool of Windows Storage Spaces, the physical disk is unable to be [...]

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How to Install Dell Mobile Connect in Any Windows 10 Computer

If you're familiar with Microsoft's Your Phone app in Windows 10, you will like Dell Mobile Connect (DMC) [...]

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How to Run VMware Workstation with Hyper-V Enabled Together in Windows 10

Windows 10 and its server OS (namely Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019 or later) has included [...]