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Preview C#, Visual Basic, and C++ Source Code Files Direct in Attachments Without Opening

If you're the developers or programmers, you can have the ability to able to fast preview the contents or the source code contained inside a source code file, without having to open up the file in resource [...]

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Microsoft Robotics Studio Free Download for Programming Robots

Robots addicts, enthusiasts, hobbyists, educators or students now have a good news, in a way that Microsoft has released Windows-based, robotic-platform-agnostic Microsoft Robotics Studio (MRS) CTP (community technical preview) November 2006 for free download. Microsoft Robotics Studio [...]

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XNA Game Studio Express 1.0 Officially Released for Free Download

Microsoft has released XNA Game Studio Express and the XNA Framework out of beta as version 1.0, a games development tool designed to let game developers, designers and hobbyists to easily create and develop video games for [...]

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Create, Build and Develop Video Games for Windows and Xbox 360 with XNA Game Studio Express Download

XNA Game Studio Express is a game development software that allows students, independent game developers and hobbyists to easily create and develop video games using new and optimized cross-platform gaming libraries for Windows PC and Xbox 360 [...]

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Java SE 6 (Java Platform Standard Edition 6) Features and Enhancements

Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE 6) which code-named "Mustang" is the new name and future version for what previously known as J2SE. The new release will be identified as product version 6, and developer version 1.6.0. [...]

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Upload (mput) and Download (mget) Multiple Files Automatically in FTP Transfer

FTP or File Transfer Protocol is a useful utility that allows you to transfer several files between a workstation or client with the FTP server. Although nowadays GUI FTP client programs such as WS-Ftp and FileZilla are [...]

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Google Web Toolkit First Look Review by SitePoint

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a Java software development framework that makes writing AJAX applications like Google Maps and Gmail, which similar to Atlas for ASP.NET, Yahoo!'s User Interface Library and Adobe Spry. Google Web Toolkit allows [...]

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