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Enable Remote Desktop on Remote PC or Server Using Windows PowerShell

Remote Desktop is an essential tool for system administrators and support personnel to connect and interactively manage remote Windows PCs or servers as if sitting in front of the console or monitor. By default, Remote Desktop Services [...]

Avira Phantom VPN Pro Free 1 Year Subscription License

Avira Phantom VPN Pro is another commercial VPN (Virtual Private Network) service in the crowded and competitive market. Like other VPN services, Avira Phantom VPN Pro helps users to surf the web securely and anonymously in order [...]

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CloudFlare CDN Cache Everything Page Rules to Speed Up Dynamic WordPress HTML

CloudFlare bills itself as web performance and security service provider and one of most important and useful features of CloudFlare is CDN (Content Delivery Network). CloudFlare CDN caches the content across its many datacenters located at various [...]

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Fix CloudFlare Ignores No-Cache HTTP Header & Change Expires TTL on Cache Everything

CloudFlare has been one of the popular and free CDN (Content Delivery Network) service. In order to make CloudFlare a true CDN, every static resources, including HTML, should be cached by CloudFlare and served from CloudFlare global [...]

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Delete Site Operation is Prohibited As Exceeding List View Threshold

When attempting to delete a site or subsite in SharePoint, the following error may occur, and the site was not deleted: The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator. [...]

Access Manage Site Content and Structure in SharePoint Online / 2013 / 2016

Site Content and Structure page is one of the useful tools for SharePoint administrators to manage both the content and structure of SharePoint site collection. In older versions of SharePoint, a menu item called "Manage Site Content [...]

List View Cannot be Displayed / Attempted Operation is Prohibited Because It Exceeds the List View Threshold Enforced by the Administrator

Technically SharePoint can store millions of records for documents, tasks, contacts, invoices, forms, wikis, pictures, calendars, issues, discussions, links, reports, libraries, and other list information. However, the potential is limited by List View Threshold limit that restricts [...]

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Citrix XenApp License Acquisition Error (500)

When attempting to logon to the published applications or desktop via Citrix XenApp to run the remote app, the following error occurs: Citrix XenApp License Acquisition error (500) Unable to acquire license from <License Server Name>. Please [...]

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Citrix Licensing Service Crashes & Unable to Start

The Citrix Licensing service for Citrix XenApp or Citrix XenApp Fundermentals farm servers may be stopped abruptly without reason, and to make matter worse, the service is unable to be started again. Any attempt to manually start [...]

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Exit Seamless Full Screen Mode to Show Session Window in Citrix XenApp Receiver

When running remote virtualized applications or opening remote hosted virtual desktop through Citrix Receiver for applications or desktops published via Citrix XepApp, the receiver may be running in seamless mode or full screen mode. When running in [...]

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