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Citrix XenApp License Acquisition Error (500)

When attempting to logon to the published applications or desktop via Citrix XenApp to run the remote app, the following error occurs: Citrix XenApp License Acquisition error (500) Unable to acquire license from <License Server Name>. Please [...]

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Citrix Licensing Service Crashes & Unable to Start

The Citrix Licensing service for Citrix XenApp or Citrix XenApp Fundermentals farm servers may be stopped abruptly without reason, and to make matter worse, the service is unable to be started again. Any attempt to manually start [...]

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Exit Seamless Full Screen Mode to Show Session Window in Citrix XenApp Receiver

When running remote virtualized applications or opening remote hosted virtual desktop through Citrix Receiver for applications or desktops published via Citrix XepApp, the receiver may be running in seamless mode or full screen mode. When running in [...]

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Disconnect & Close Citrix XenApp Remote Session Without Logoff or Sign Out

At times you may need to disconnect or close a remote application or remote desktop virtualized and published by Citrix XenApp when you're running them via Citrix Receiver, without logging off and actually ending the session. This [...]

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Turn On Enable Skype for Business (Lync) External Communications (Federation)

Skype for Business (formerly known as Lync) are enterprise instant messaging clients provided by Microsoft to be used with Microsoft Lync Server or Lync Online / Skype for Business Online available with Microsoft Office 365. Lync provides [...]

Citrix XenApp Cannot Contact the License Server (Crashes on Startup)

When servers running Citrix XenApp services or hosted published apps start up, the following error message is displayed: Citrix License Error Citrix XenApp cannot contact the license server <IP address> It appears that the Citrix Licensing service [...]

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Storage Spaces Virtual Disks Is Not Writable (Read-Only) & Not Auto-Attach

On a computer that has storage pools or storage spaces created, the storage pools is set to read-only and the virtual disks does not attach automatically if you reinstall the operating system. Likewise, if you remove the [...]

Windows Server 2016 (vNext) Technical Preview with Nano Server & Storage QoS Released

During Ignite on early May 2015, Microsoft released Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 2, Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2016 Technical Preview 2 and Microsoft System Center 2016 Technical Preview 2 for free downloads. It's the second build which [...]

CA ARCserve Backup Operation Failed as Media Expired

When CA ARCserve Backup is attempting to execute and run backup job which is scheduled to run at a specified time, or a backup operation is manually triggered adhocly or by forcing scheduled backup job to run [...]

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Configure Zoho Mail via Exchange ActiveSync Support in eM Client

Zoho Mail email hosting service is a hosted email solutions for businesses. One of the feature of Zoho Mail is Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) support, the de-facto protocol designed for the synchronization of email, contacts, calendar, tasks, and [...]

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