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DFS Namespace Cannot Be Queried Error – Remove & Delete Orphaned Namespace

When attempting to view, query, modify or delete a DFS (Distributed File System) namespace with DFS Management MMC (DFSmgmt.msc), Distributed File System MMC (DFSgui.msc), DFSutil.exe, DFScmd.exe and other DFS tools, one or more of the following errors [...]

Remove Disconnected & Evicted Windows Server Node from Cluster

When a Windows Server machine which was joined to a cluster is disconnected or evicted from a failover cluster by accident, failure or because the now standalone computer is no longer connected to the network, the Windows [...]

Install Odoo 8 (OpenERP) in CentOS & Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Odoo, previously known as OpenERP, is an open source traditional ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) business apps which also comes with many additional modules that help to manage the tasks such as building e-commerce websites, point of sales [...]

How to Add E*Trade Investment Brokerage Trading Account as Paypal Bank Account for Withdrawal and Deposit

E*Trade Financial or E*Trade Securities is one of the leading online discount brokerage based in United States which allows non-US and international persons worldwide to open an investment or brokerage trading account to buy or sell stocks, [...]

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Free OCR Software Program Download – SimpleOCR

Buying a scanner or all-in-one (AIO) printer with scanning function, but it doesn't come with any optical character recognition (ORC) software program to translate scanned or original images and pictures of handwritten, typewritten or printed text into [...]

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Reset or Change Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 Product Key

Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2008 is a free accounting software which can be upgraded to a more feature rich and full feature complete Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2008. Users can also download and request a free product [...]

Fix Error 1603 When Installing Intuit Quickbooks 2007

When trying to install Intuit Quickbooks 2007 (QB2007) on Windows Vista, Quickbooks installer may pop up several error messages related to "RegSvcs.exe - Common Language Runtime Debugging Services", and then the setup eventually fails with the following [...]

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Download UltraVNC for Windows Vista Support (VNC Alternative)

RealVNC has RealVNC Personal Edition and RealVNC Enterprise Edition that support Windows Vista, but unfortunately the software programs are not free and require a license and serial key. RealVNC Free Edition does not support Windows Vista, and [...]

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How To Install Sony PaSoRi (FeliCa Card Reader/Writer) Driver in Windows 7 / Vista

PaSoRi (modal RC-S320/S and RC-S310) is an external USB FeliCa smartcard reader and writer. FeliCa (Felicity Card) contactless RFID IC chip smart card system by Sony which used primarily as electronic money cards. Example of FeliCa card [...]

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Blank or Black Screen When Remote Control Windows System with VNC

VNC (Virtual Network Computing) allows users to connect and remotely control another computer using a graphical desktop sharing system which based on the RFB protocol. If you run VNC Server from RealVNC, TightVNC or UltraUNC in Windows [...]

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