Access (Read & Write) Linux Ext2 / Ext3 / Ext4 / HFS+ / ReiserFS Filesystem Partitions in Windows

Linux has been one of the most popular operating system that powers various NAS (Network Attached Storage), routers, gateways, IoT (Internet of Things), computers and etc. Some users may also dual-boot Windows and Linux. If a volume [...]

How to Disable Upload (Turn Off Seeding) in uTorrent

BitTorrent (BT) is one of the most popular peer-to-peer file sharing protocols used to share and distribute large files and data over the Internet. A BitTorrent client is required to send or receive files, where one of [...]

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Skip Open Files Used by Another Process to Continue RoboCopy Copy or Move

When copying, moving, mirroring or replicating files and folders from source to destination location by using RoboCopy, the process may get stuck in repetitive infinite retry loop when RoboCopy is encountering open files that are being used [...]

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Copy / Move Folders with Spaces in Path Name with Robocopy

Depending on the version of Windows, when using Robocopy (Robust File Copy) to copy or move folders and directories that have spaces in their names, the Robocopy may be skipping the said folders and directories, without copying [...]

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Microsoft Bob Free Download on Every Windows XP CD and Video Demo

Microsoft Bob (internal code name "Utopia") is a Microsoft software product to supplement the Program Manager in Windows 3.1 and Windows 95, and was released in March 1995. Widely regards as one of greatest failed Microsoft ventures. [...]

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Disable USB Removable Mass Storage Device Drive Access in Windows

It's possible to simply disable USB ports support in PC BIOS in order to prevent and forbid computer user from using USB removable flash drive or mass storage device (portable hard disk drive) to copy and transfer [...]

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Free Laplink PC Mover (PCmover) Genuine Serial Number

PCmover a migration utility from Laplink that allows user to move applications, programs, settings, and data files from existing old PC to new PC while keeping all the software on new PC intact. Thus, PC Mover is [...]

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Windows File Types & (Open / Edit) Actions Associations Advanced Management Tools

Windows operating systems come with basic file types and extension association management tool, which only has the basic function of changing and assigning default app or program for each kind of file type, extension, or protocol only. [...]

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Windows SteadyState Free Download to Preserve State & Security of Shared Computer

Business owners who are running Internet cafe or public shared computers and wants to manage and protect the PCs easily now has a new software option in their list. Windows SteadyState is a free application utility for [...]

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Remote Connections Manager for RDP, VNC, SSH, ICA, RLogin – mRemote / mRemoteNG Free Download

mRemote is a full-featured, open source, multi-tab remote connections manager that allows users to manage all remote connections from within its single user interface. Computer users can run multiple instances of Remote Desktop, VNC remote control connections [...]

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