How to Delete and Remove Recovery Partition in HP Computer

HP desktop, notebook or laptop computer normally comes with a special recovery partition which caves out on a portion of local hard disk. The hidden partition, which size can comes to about 5 to 10 GB in [...]

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Recover Files with Previous Versions (Volume Shadow Copy) in Windows with ShadowExplorer

Volume Shadown Copy (VSS or Shadow Copy for Shared Folders prior to Windows Vista such as Windows XP) or more commonly known as Previous Versions which used as the name for right click context menu command and [...]

Burn and Write ISO to Disc or Make Image of CD/DVD in Windows with ISO Recorder PowerToy

ISO Recorder (or ISORecorder) is a PowerToy tool for Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista and Windows 7 that enables (depending on the Windows version) users to burn or write CD and DVD images (DVD support only [...]

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Windows Vista SP1 File Removal Tool (Vsp1cln.exe) Reclaims Disk Space

After installing Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1), you probably will notice that the free disk space of your system hard drive will reduce significantly. The additional space used and occupied by Windows Vista SP1 is used [...]

TeraCopy Free Download to Copy Files Faster in Windows

One of the major complaint for some versions of Windows operating system is the notoriously below average slow files copying speed, which may takes ages to complete. If you're a Windows users who beleaguered by extremely slow [...]

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CleanHandlers Free Download – AutoPlay Cleanup Utility for Windows XP / Vista

AutoPlay or AutoRun is a menu that pops up and displays or action that executes automatically when a CD or DVD is inserted into CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, or when a removable drive such as USB Flash [...]

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Screen Capture OCR to Copy & Convert Screenshot Image to Text

It looks like every text or words seen on computer screen can be copied to clipboard and pasted into word processing application or text editor. But there is always something that cannot be highlighted with mouse or [...]

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Manipulate (Merge or Split) Acrobat PDF Files with PDFtk Server (Toolkit)

Adobe Acrobat PDF files is the popular de-facto business document format and printable document format that are distributed by email circulation or published via Web. The PDF documents are mostly static and 'dead lock', meaning readers can't [...]

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Schedule SyncToy to Run and Automatically and Repetitively

SyncToy is a free synchronization software from Microsoft which giving away the program as part of Windows XP PowerToy download. However, SyncToy has been upgraded to support Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, and can works [...]

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