Screen Capture OCR to Copy & Convert Screenshot Image to Text

It looks like every text or words seen on computer screen can be copied to clipboard and pasted into word processing application or text editor. But there is always something that cannot be highlighted with mouse or [...]

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Manipulate (Merge or Split) Acrobat PDF Files with PDFtk Server (Toolkit)

Adobe Acrobat PDF files is the popular de-facto business document format and printable document format that are distributed by email circulation or published via Web. The PDF documents are mostly static and 'dead lock', meaning readers can't [...]

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Schedule SyncToy to Run and Automatically and Repetitively

SyncToy is a free synchronization software from Microsoft which giving away the program as part of Windows XP PowerToy download. However, SyncToy has been upgraded to support Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, and can works [...]

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Download SyncToy 2.0 Beta – Free Synchronization Utility

SyncToy is a free synchronization software utility for Windows which helps users to copy, move, rename, and delete files between folders on local or remote computers and mobile or portable devices such as digital cameras, cell phones, [...]

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Download Y’z Shadow (YzShadow) for Shadow and Transparent Effects in Windows XP

Fancy Windows Aero transparency and shadow effects in Windows Vista? Well, if you want to stick with Windows XP, there is also the alternative for Windows Aero glass effects in Windows XP, and even older version of [...]

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Open, Extract and Convert ISO, BIN & DAA Files in Linux or macOS with Free PowerISO

PowerISO provides a free PowerISO for Linux and macOS utility which can extract, list, and convert image files in Linux and macOS respectively. The image file formats supported by the free PowerISO utility including ISO, BIN, DAA, [...]

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How to Open and Extract .DAA Image Files

DAA (stands for Direct Access Archive) is PowerISO proprietary and private disk image format which supports compression, password protection, and split into multiple volumes. It means that .DAA files are exact replicate of a disk, normally CD [...]

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CD/DVD-ROM Virtual Drive Emulator Software Free Download

Occasionally, you may have downloaded, or received, or even self-created disk image files, which are intended and supposedly be burned to a CD or DVD before using. Disc images contains complete structure and contents of data storage [...]

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