Recover Files with Previous Versions (Volume Shadow Copy) in Windows with ShadowExplorer

Volume Shadown Copy (VSS or Shadow Copy for Shared Folders prior to Windows Vista such as Windows XP) [...]

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Burn and Write ISO to Disc or Make Image of CD/DVD in Windows with ISO Recorder PowerToy

ISO Recorder (or ISORecorder) is a PowerToy tool for Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista and Windows 7 [...]

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Windows Vista SP1 File Removal Tool (Vsp1cln.exe) Reclaims Disk Space

After installing Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1), you probably will notice that the free disk space of [...]

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CleanHandlers Free Download – AutoPlay Cleanup Utility for Windows XP / Vista

AutoPlay or AutoRun is a menu that pops up and displays or action that executes automatically when a [...]

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Manipulate (Merge or Split) Acrobat PDF Files with PDFtk Server (Toolkit)

Adobe Acrobat PDF files is the popular de-facto business document format and printable document format that are distributed [...]

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