Subversion (SVN) Issues and Problems on mod_dav_svn in FreeBSD

»»»Subversion (SVN) Issues and Problems on mod_dav_svn in FreeBSD

mod_dav_svn is an Apache server module for Subversion server. The mod_dav_svn package allows access to a Subversion repository using HTTP, via the Apache httpd server. The following issues applicable to SVN version 1.2.3_1 and may happen when you install SVN of other versions too.

Install subversion by using FreeBSD’s port doesn’t compile and doesn’t install

Try using “make -DWITH_MOD_DAV_SVN install” instead of “make WITH_MOD_DAV_SVN=yes install”.

When installing subversion, the following error appears:

-e -S LIBEXECDIR=/usr/local/libexec/apache2 -a -n dav libexec/apache2/
-e: not found

There is problems with ${APXS} variable used in Makefile. Just add the following to the subversion Makefile, before any ${APXS} declaration:

APXS= apxs

Alternatively, you can change ${APXS} in the Makefile to actual full path of the apxs. Or you can run “setenv APXS apxs” before start the subversion installation.

When compiling subversion, the following error appears:

Error: shared library “apr-1.0” does not exist

This problem is because devel/subversion looks for wrong LIB_DEPENDS. Change the following lines:

.if !defined(WITHOUT_BDB)
-LIB_DEPENDS+= apr-1.0:${PORTSDIR}/devel/apr-svn
+LIB_DEPENDS+= apr-1.2:${PORTSDIR}/devel/apr-svn
APR_PORT= devel/apr-svn
-LIB_DEPENDS+= apr-1.0:${PORTSDIR}/devel/apr
+LIB_DEPENDS+= apr-1.2:${PORTSDIR}/devel/apr
APR_PORT= devel/apr

Note: – means the line to change (before change), and + means the new line suppose to be. Leave all other line intact.

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