BusinessWeek used and reviewed SunRocket VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Internet Phone service. SunRocket, one of the cheapest VoIP service around, offers two best value and cheap packages in Internet Phone service, one cost $199 annually for unlimited call to US, Canada and Puerto Rico and 100 free minutes a month to other international destinations. Other package costs $9.95 a month for 200 fee minutes to selected destinations.


BusinessWeek concluded that “even though SunRocket is cheap (most low-end VoIP services start at $19.95 a month), its set-up took, like, two minutes. And its quality and features are impressive. The voice calling clarity and quality are about as good as a traditional phone’s. And its features are as plentiful as those of many other services I’ve trialed.”

They also much liked that SunRocket gives free additional incoming phone number with each service, while not so happy about you only get to make two free directory assistance calls per month in Sun Rocket.

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