SunRocket is the US-based VoIP Internet phone service provider by delivering high quality voice services via high speed broadband Internet connection. SunRocket VoIP services features 3-way calling, 7 digit dialing, call forwarding, caller ID with name, call logs, call return, call waiting, call waiting ID, click to call, contacts, distinctive rings, do not disturb, find me, speed dial and enhanced voicemail that can be accessed via the phone, online or via email. Also include is blocking features such as anonymous call rejection, inbound call blocking, outbound international call blocking and outbound directory assistance blocking. Also includes is access to Directory Assistance.


Other than review by BusinessWeek, Uber Gizmo also reviews SunRocket VoIP service and concludes that “the SunRocket service has been much better than what I have expected from a VoIP service. I’d like to stress the importance of getting QoS working. In my case, it’s a night and day difference. After I got everything working with my Linksys WRT54G, I decided to set up an IPCOP router/firewall box. I liked all the IPCOP features but I could not get the QoS working with it. Call quality degraded right away. I had to switch back to the Linksys model. I decided to give SmoothWall, another PC linux based router/firewall, a try and so far I’m happy with the combo and the money savings!”