Accoona is a enhanced search engine with interactive tools that provides users with better web, business and news search results. Accoona provides users two distinct sets of functionality to speed Internet-based data search and retrieval, powered by proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology.


In Accoona, users can search for News, Business and Web. Of these enhanced sets of functions, News and Business search function enables users to instantly cross-reference search keywords to a suite of frequently used data-search categories. In News search, Users are presented with a set of eight drop-down buttons that allow search results to be further prioritized and focused, in what Accoona dubbed as SuperTarget Your Search; Here, you can refined the search by certain search keywords, time period, media outlet, company name, country or state, cross-referenced the search to a list of people or differentiated by media type.

The Business function will provides users with options to cross-reference keywords to a database that melds Dun & Bradstreet’s extensive database with Accoona’s own database of business information. Again, users can narrow the search by limiting the results to selected business type, city, state, country, company revenue, total company employees or people mentioned.

Accoona SuperTarget Your Search is futher enhanced by Accoona Artificial Intelligence Search Technology that understands the meaning of search queries instead of conventional method of matching keywords. With the technology, Accoona able to search from acronyms, autoantonyms (words that can take two or more opposite meanings), eponyms (names from which other names are derived), hypernyms (a word that has a more general meaning than another), and hyponyms (a word with a more specific meaning than another). The technolgoy also merging online and offline information, delivers more relevant results and enhances user experience.

When you arrive at Accoona home page, you will also noticed that all the advance News and Business search functions are clearly visible, and users simply don’t have reason not to utilize its advanced features.

Note: Accoona appears not taking off and is now merely a business directory, hence the link removed.