Ford has teamed up with Microsoft Auto division to develop and offer Sync technology on 12 2008 model year Ford, Lincoln and Mercury beginning Fall 2007. Sync software platform is a in-car voice-activated or hands-free phone communications and entertainment system that allows drivers or motorists to voice control their Bluetooth or USB portable devices such as cellphone, Apple iPod, Microsoft Zune, MP3 music player, PDA, storage device and etc by connect and integrate them over wireless or USB connection to the vehicle and its car audio system. Equipped with advanced text-to-speech and voice recognition system, Sync automatically downloads user’s personal features such as phone book and ring tones to incorporate into Sync for voice commands, and can also translate incoming text messages to speech and read them over the vehicle’s audio system, with added ability to read abbreviation like “LOL” into “Laughing Out Loud”, and 20 pre-determined customizable via web downloads responses.

Ford has showcases and demonstrates the real-life usage or application of Sync in Ford vehicle or car that simplifies the mobile lifestyle of Ford drivers and increases road safe while driving at the 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the biggest car show in North America. In conjunction with the motor show, Ford also announces 5 new model of vehicles – 2008 Ford Focus, 2008 Ford Five Hundred, and concept cars of Ford Airstream concept, Lincoln MKR concept, and Ford Interceptor Concept, all of which can be factory-installed with Sync platform when available in the market beginning Fall 2007.

And here is the video clips demonstrating and showing Sync in the work.

Video no longer available
Sync demonstration and application in Ford car plus introduction of new 2008 Ford models.

Video no longer available
Ford Sync promotional video clip highlights Sync features and how to use Sync in Ford car.

More information, FAQ, supported music players, supported phone models, and availability in which model of vehicles and others can be found on Sync My Ride.