T-Mobile SDA is an e-mail-ready phone that runs on Windows Mobile 5.0. Brighthand suggested that it’s a powerful voice-oriented device with some kinks, but overall well done.

T-Mobile SDA (Smart Digital Assistant)

It’s not the most powerful smartphone on the market, but the SDA does have a surprising array of features, all things considered. It’s a jack of all trades, and while it doesn’t master any of them, it does do a fine job on all things phone related, and still provides PIM and computing capabilities good enough for many people. Add to this the option of VoIP, and you could make a strong case for the SDA being one of the most flexible voice-oriented smartphones available.

Although the SDA has a suggested retail price of $300, it can be bought for well under a hundred dollars with new activation. This makes it also one of the cheapest new smartphone devices available, a strong enticement for users looking for light PIM and a solid high end phone.


Excellent reception
Quad-band GSM/EDGE


Almost no storage memory
Difficult input

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