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CloudFlare WARP ( Free VPN for iOS, Android, Windows & Mac OS X

VPN (Virtual Private Netowrk) is an increasingly important tool to protect privacy, improve security and bypass censorship in [...]

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How to Install & Use Cloudflare WARP VPN on Windows / Linux / macOS / OpenWRT

Cloudflare WARP is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service that is intended to make Internet safer, more private [...]

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Web Pages in Redirect Loop Infinitely After Enabling CloudFlare SSL HTTPS Connection

If you're using CloudFlare CDN as the DNS and HTTP proxy, the following redirection error (the exact error [...]

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CloudFlare CDN Cache Everything Page Rules to Speed Up Dynamic WordPress HTML

CloudFlare bills itself as web performance and security service provider and one of most important and useful features [...]

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Fix CloudFlare Ignores No-Cache HTTP Header & Change Expires TTL on Cache Everything

CloudFlare has been one of the popular and free CDN (Content Delivery Network) service. In order to make [...]

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How to Check & Determine if CloudFlare CDN Caches Image, CSS, JS, File or Web Page Content

One of the functions of CloudFlare is to act as CDN (Content Delivery Network) that automatically caches selected [...]

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