Install Intermediate CA Certificate (Chain Cert) in Apache HTTPD Server

Digital certificates that are issued by a CA (certificate authority) are verified using a chain of trust. The trust anchor for the digital certificate is the Root Certificate Authority (CA). Common and popular root CA certs are [...]

cPanel Update (upcp) Is Already Running Problem

cPanel web hosting control panel has upcp update script that automatically updates cPanel software. upcp script is scheduled to run once a day as a cron job, and once the update task is completed, cron will automatically [...]

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Restore Full Backup or cpmove File in cPanel Web Host

Web host or web server powered by cPanel control panel has a very convenient feature to easily restore any backups in case of the need of disaster recovery, accidental lose of data or hosting account moving to [...]

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cPanel WHM Failed to Receive Status Information From Apache Error

cPanel web hosting control panel provides easy access shortcut in WHM (WebHost Manager) to check server status. One of the server status components is Apache Status which calls apachestatus script to display important information about Apache HTTPD [...]

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How to Change Hostname in cPanel Web Host

For web host using cPanel as server's control panel, changing hostname of the server supposedly to be an easy task. WebHost Manager (WHM) component of cPanel has a tool which allows webmaster to easily change host name. [...]

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cPanel Unable or Cannot Start or Restart POP3 Mail Service

In VPS web hosting or dedicated server managed by cPanel control panel, webmasters or server administrators may encounters the problem that POP3 service is down, and unable to be started. This is despite manual attempt to restart [...]

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cPanel Perl Module PNGgraph Could Not Be Installed Error

New web host or server installed with cPanel 11 RELEASE branch may encounter a weird "The Perl module PNGgraph could not be installed" error message from the cPanel task notification email. Host, either dedicated server or virtual [...]

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cPanel Invalid License File After Changing Hostname Error

After changing web host server hostname by using WHM (WebHost Manager) or via shell command, cPanel may display "Invalid License File" error message. The symptom appears immediately on next navigation, and even after administrator or cPanel user [...]

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Cannot FTP to Web Host or Server running cPanel/WHM

If you cannot cannot to FTP server or cannot FTP to the web host managed by cPanel/WHM (WebHost Manager), most like the FTP connection fails because the FTP server is not running on the server. There are [...]

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Exim Sender Verify Callout or Callback Could Not Complete or Verification Failed Error

If you're running web host or email server using Exim or Sendmail as mail transfer agent (MTA), and found that emails or mail messages sent to you, your clients or users may occasionally lost or never arrived [...]

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