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How to Get & List All Current DNS Records for a Domain & Child Subdomain

If you need to move the DNS hosting of a domain to a new DNS hosting service provider, but don't have a copy of the DNS zone file or access to current DNS control panel for the [...]

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IPConfig Could Not Flush the DNS Resolver Cache: Function Failed During Execution

ipconfig utility is an important TCP/IP network configuration tool included by default in all Windows operating system natively. One of features of ipconfig is the ability to view and purge DNS resolver cache. Windows OS caches DNS [...]

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Free DNS (Name Server) Hosting Services

Not all domain names registras provides DNS hosting service to the domains purchasers. Normally, to earn extra income revenue, domain name registrars will require domain name registrants to buy additional service for DNS hosting service, or the [...]

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Domain Does Not Have Any NS Records Error

When analyzing and checking the DNS hosting records for a registered domain using DNSStuff.com or DNSReport.com for comprehensive information from 56 tests about the particular domain to verify whether the authoritative DNS nameserver or resolver has been [...]

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Propagate and Refresh DNS Cache Faster

When moving web host to another hosting service's server or changing the server's IP address, one of the important consideration to ensure to continue availability of the websites hosted on the server, minimize the downtime of the [...]

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Email Bounces Back with “unrouteable mail domain” Error

At your own mail server provided by the web hosting service, where the mail transfer agent (MTA) is normally Exim or Sendmail, there may be email sending and delivery error where emails include those auto-generated by PHP [...]

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