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Lowest Number MX Record Points to Local Host Rejected RCPT Error

When MTA (Mail Transport Agent) such as Sendmail and Exim attempts to relay and transmits email through the mail server while receiving mail from external address to local account, the mail will not get delivered and been [...]

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Exim Sender Verify Callout or Callback Could Not Complete or Verification Failed Error

If you're running web host or email server using Exim or Sendmail as mail transfer agent (MTA), and found that emails or mail messages sent to you, your clients or users may occasionally lost or never arrived [...]

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Email Bounces Back with “unrouteable mail domain” Error

At your own mail server provided by the web hosting service, where the mail transfer agent (MTA) is normally Exim or Sendmail, there may be email sending and delivery error where emails include those auto-generated by PHP [...]

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