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Register and Integrate foobar2000 Windows 7 / Vista Default Program Menu List

Windows 7 and Windows Vista have a feature that makes user easier to association file extensions, file types and protocols with a particular program, that's "Set Default Programs", where the program showed in the menu list can [...]

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Properly Display Non-English Song Title and Singer in Foobar2000 with foo_masstag_addons

For Western English Windows users who plays non-English songs and musics in Foobar2000 music player, the main challenge and also the annoying process is how to get the non-English language song title and artist or singer name [...]

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Display and Show foobar2000 Volume Bar and Volume Control

foobar2000 or foobar2k is a freeware advanced audio player for Windows which available for free download. foobar2000 features include full Unicode (UTF8) support, ReplayGain support, native support for several popular audio formats such as MP3, MP4, AAC, [...]

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