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Google Lets You Know Where are My Fucking Keys in 20 Years

Can't locate or find where is your keys? Just try my fucking keys in Google to search your house, you probably get some leads. Well, but too bad, this is enthusiasts of Google in anticipation of what [...]

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Tiny Sexual and Pornography Image Thumbnails Can Appear in Google

Google can provide image search results which showing nude thumbnail-size photos from sexually explicit adult Internet sites or pornography sites, ruled the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco by a three-judge panel. In year [...]

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Google Integrates Web, Books, Local, Images, News and Videos as Universal Search

Google announced in its "Searchology" briefing event to the media that it's combining search results from other Google web search services and properties including regular web search results, books, local information, images, news, and video to provide [...]

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Top and Most Popular Search Keywords and Terms in 2006

Other than Google Search, Yahoo, and Nielsen//NetRatings has also also published their respective list of top or most popular online search keywords or search terms in 2006. As expected, the usual suspects easily made their round [...]

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Paris Hilton and Bebo Keywords Top Google Online Search in 2006

Google is the most used search engine in the world, with millions if not tens or even hundreds of millions surfers using Google to search for information they wanted. But do you know what information that most [...]

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Search and View Free Live Webcam with Google Search

Web cam or webcam (web camera) is a live and real-time camera whose images can be accessed using the World Wide Web, instant messaging, or a PC video calling or video conferencing application. Webcam is increasingly used [...]

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How Much Porn (Pornography) in Google and Microsoft?

Do you ever wonder just how much adult porn, pornography, illegal incest, sexually explicit materials and sexual contents have been indexed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft spiders or crawlers, and been returned as [...]

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Search for Help and Information with Google by SMS

You can Google for information in various way (Google is now officially a word in dictionary that means search the web with Google search engine) and beside searching, Google has various other functionality such as as a [...]

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Which Search Engine is the Best and Most Relevant?

Search engines war is getting heat up and more competitive as major search engines especially Yahoo! and Windows Live, try to unseat Google from its jewel crown - leading and increasing share of search market in the [...]

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