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Avoid, Disable or Fix IE Click or Press Spacebar or Enter to Activate and Use This Control Message

When browsing web pages on Internet using Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) or Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) web browser in Windows XP or Windows Vista, visitors may encounters some embedded ActiveX controls or web components that are deactivated [...]

Remove IE (Internet Explorer) Instant Search Box

Since, Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), IE web browser comes with an instant search box on the top left corner of the IE window, where users can search the web and Internet directly from search box which can [...]

Download IE7 (Internet Explorer 7.0) Without Genuine Windows Validation

Good news for users who can't successfully passed the WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) validation requirement. Internet Explorer 7.0 (IE7) now available free for everyone running Windows system, no matter it's genuine or pirated version. There is no [...]

Disable Automatic Opening or Saving of Downloads (Re-enable Always Ask Prompt)

If you have unticked or unchecked the check box of "Always ask before opening this type of file" for a particular file type or file extension on the File Download dialog box when you download the file [...]

IE7 “No Connection to the Internet is Currently Available” Error

When using Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) in Windows Vista to surf and browse the Internet, the following "Work Offline" error message may appear occasionally pop-up no matter during surfing normal webpages or secured encrypted HTTPS pages even [...]

Vista IE7 Cache & Cookies Folder, Temp Directory and History Location

In Windows XP with Internet Explorer 7, the location of default IE cache folder, or more commonly known as Temporary Internet Files (TIF) directory is pretty straight forward. However, it's not the case in Windows Vista, due [...]

IE7 Slow Response on XP and Vista Computer System Due to Phishing Filter

Since release, Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) has faced lots of problems. One of the main complains is that IE7 is slow. IE7 is slow to startup, slow to open, slow to close, slow to load web pages. [...]

Disable or Turn Off (Or Enable and Turn On) Internet Explorer (IE) Protected Mode

Do you annoy by the various security alerts when surfing from website in one security zone to another security zone, or mixing security integrity levels, or having to open separate windows to switch between intranet sites and [...]

Disable (or Enable) Tabbed Browsing in Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)

If you think that tabbed browsing feature in Internet Explorer 7 (IEe) sucks, or don't like to browse the web in tabs and prefer windows instead, or feel that opening too many tabs will drain the system [...]

Free Download Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) Optimized for Google

Google believers and followers can now download customized Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) which is optimized for Google, which means the IE7 comes pre-installed with Google Toolbar, default home page set to Google Personalized Home, and has [...]

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