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Reinstall Deleted iPhone & iPad Default Native Apps (Mail, Maps, Calendar, Contacts, Music, Notes, Calculator…)

Beginning from iOS 10, iPhone and iPad allows several native Apple apps that always come with all iOS devices to be deleted and removed. For example, Maps, Mail, Calculator, Watch, FaceTime, Compass, Calendar, Notes, Voice Memos, Tips, [...]

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Enable or Disable Raise to Wake (Auto Screen Turns On) in iPhone & iPad (iOS)

Beginning from iOS 10, newer iPhone devices such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 and their Plus variants (iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 7 Plus) has a new feature called raise to [...]

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Enable Touch ID Rest Finger to Open & Unlock iPhone & iPad Without Press Home Button (iOS 10)

Beginning from iOS 10, Apple makes a slight change to how users unlock and open the iDevice such as iPhone and iPad. In iOS 10, user no longer swipes to unlock. Instead, in place is a two-step [...]

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