Something Has Gotten Mixed Up in siteurl & home of Jetpack

After upgrading to Jetpack 3.5 and/or WordPress 4.2 on a site using Jetpack plugin, you may see the following notification message appears in WordPress administration area when you're creating posts, editing posts, listing all posts, checking updates, [...]

How to Insert & Show Ads (Google AdSense) in Jetpack Mobile Theme of WordPress

Mobile Theme of Jetpack plugin for WordPress provides an instant and easy way to enable an optimized mobile site for self-hosted WordPress blog or website. When Jetpack Mobile Theme detects a visitor is using a smartphone or [...]

How To Add Custom Analytics Tracking Code in Jetpack Mobile Theme

Jetpack plugin supports additional of various useful features to self-hosted WordPress sites and blogs. And one of the feature that can be enabled by Jetpack is Mobile Theme. Jetpack's mobile theme is optimized for small screens of [...]

Change the Menu in WordPress Jetpack’s Mobile Theme (Replace Pages List)

WordPress Jetpack plugin allows users to easily and quickly set up a beautiful mobile website through its Mobile Theme feature. However Jetpack Mobile Theme feature does not include many customization options. Instead, Jetpack Mobile Theme automatically applies [...]

Unable to Connect to Jetpack Due to Site_Inaccessible SSL Certificate Error

After installing and activating the Jetpack plugin for SSL-enabled secure WordPress self-hosted blog, you'll be asked to connect to, which is necessary for Jetpack to provide traffic and customization tools, enhanced security, speed boosts, and more. [...]

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