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How to Connect & Control Spotify with Cortana in Windows 10

Windows 10 users can now control many aspects of Spotify, the popular music, podcast and video streaming service, by using Cortana, the intelligent voice-control virtual personal assistant built into Windows 10. The integration of Cortana and Spotify [...]

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How to Link Google Gmail to Cortana Connected Services

If you're using Cortana, the voice activated intelligent digital personal assistant, in Windows 10 to help you perform your daily routine, and if you're also using Gmail for your email, contacts and/or calendar, your life is about [...]

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Windows 10 Start Menu, Cortana / Search & Action Center Not Responding & Not Working After Wake Up from Sleep

After waking up the computer from sleep state in Windows 10 system, the Start Menu, Cortana or Search button and Action Center or Notifications button no longer responding to mouse click or finger tap. In other words, [...]

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Fix Search Not Working or Returns Blank in Windows 10

Search is one of the cornerstone of Windows 10, where the search icon sits prominently on the Taskbar. In addition, user can just start searching by simply typing in Start Menu or Start Screen, or by speaking [...]

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Disable & Turn Off Cortana in Windows 10

Cortana is intelligent personal assistant that is developed by Microsoft and is tightly integrated in Windows 10 operating system, replacing the standard Windows search function. Cortana is a similar product to Siri in Apple iOS devices and [...]

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Turn On Hey Cortana Active Listening (Always On Voice Command)

In some Android devices with Google Now, you can 'wake up' the phone and issue voice commands by simply saying "OK, Google" without even touching the phone. This is because the device is always actively listening to [...]

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Enable & Set Up Cortana “Ask Me Anything” in Windows 10

Cortana is Microsoft's answer to Apple's Siri, Google Now, Amazon Echo and other voice activated intelligent personal assistant. Microsoft Cortana is an intelligent digital personal assistant developed for multiple devices and operating systems, such as Windows Phone [...]

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