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How To Create, Check And Change Identity Column In Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server has built-in an identity column (fields) which used for generating key values.  It may refer as an AutoNumber field in Microsoft Access or a sequence in Oracle.  An identity property on a column will [...]

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Optimize SQL Server 2000 / 2005 / 2008 in Large RAM System by Locking Pages in Memory and AWE

Microsoft SQL Server is a data-intensive and disk I/O (read and write) intensive database management systems. For SQL Server which is running on a system with large amount or big size of physical RAM memory, such as [...]

Error Has Occurred While Establishing A Connection To SQL Server 2005 / 2008 / 2012 / 2014 Which Does Not Allow Remote Connections

When connecting to an instance of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or Microsoft SQL Server 2014 database, including SQL Server Express, Standard, Web, Workgroup, Business Intelligence, Developer and Enterprise [...]

Create New Table by Selecting Data from Other Tables with CREATE TABLE AS

By using SQL data manipulation statement, a new, temporary, backup or regular table can be created and filled or inserted with data from another table or tables retrieved by SELECT statement. The SQL data manipulation language is [...]

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