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Enable Copy and Transfer of Data with Zune to Use as Portable Hard Disk

Similar to Apple iPod where trick is required to transfer music and files, Zune restricts or limits user ability to copy, transfer, upload or download of files, especially songs, musics, MP3s and videos between Zune and computer [...]

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Download Zune Firmware 1.2 and Vista Software Updates

If you own a Zune, the portable media player from Microsoft, there is now new firmware update version 1.2 available for download from Zune Marketplace. To download the Zune firmware 1.2 update, connect Zune to the computer [...]

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Apple iPod and Microsoft Zune Comparison Reviews

The Zune media player from Microsoft is a new gadget in the crowded and competitive portable music player or MP3 player market, in direct competition with hugely popular market leader Apple iPod. So which Zune or iPod [...]

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Microsoft Zune Player Price at $249.99 to Release in November with Zune Marketplace Store

Microsoft will release the much anticipated Zune portable multi-media player on 14th November 2006 in US market at the price of $249.99. Zune is a brand from Microsoft that incorporates a line of portable media players, software [...]

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