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The Best of Yahoo Search & New Tab on Chrome / Firefox

When opening Google Chrome, Firefox or other web browsers, a web page with title "Yahoo for Chrome", "Yahoo for Firefox" and for other web browsers may open automatically. The content of the web page basically promotes Yahoo's [...]

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Reopen Recent Closed Tabs in Browser via Hotkeys (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera)

You may have accidentally or unknowingly close a web browser tabs prematurely, which you may still need or want to view on. Most popular web browsers has built-in capability to reopen and recover recent closed tabs, instead [...]

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Reset & Refresh Firefox Browser Settings to Original Defaults

If your Mozilla Firefox web browser no longer works flawlessly, is slow, is buggy, or is infested with unwanted toolbar, adware and other unwanted third-party browser hijacking extensions or add-ons, you can reset the Firefox to its [...]

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Delete & Revoke Firefox / Waterfox Secure Connection Security Exception

In Mozilla Firefox and Waterfox web browser, a message titled "This Connection is Untrusted" will be prompted when user is trying to visit a website or web page which presents an invalid, expired, self-signed or untrusted (i.e. [...]

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Disable & Turn Off Automatic Images Loading in Firefox

Firefox web browser has removed the option to disable or enable the automatic loading of images on web pages from its Options set since Firefox 23. Previously, user can easily turn off or turn on the automatic [...]

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How to Emulate iPhone (Change User Agent) in Safari and Firefox Web Browser

When web browser accessing the web server to download web page's contents, it send an user agent to the web server to identify what kind or type of browser, platform and application is used to view the [...]

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Disable or Enable Blink Style Text Decoration Support in Firefox

Firefox supports a special text-decoration style of blink, which make the text embedded within the blink style blinking. For example, blinking text. Webmaster or blogger can opt to has blinking text on their web pages, however, viewer [...]

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Disable or Enable Backspace as ‘Go Back’ Page Browsing Function in Firefox

In Firefox in Windows operating system, when pressing the backspace key, the web page active in the window or tab will be going back one page, an action that similar to both Firefox and IE browser's "Back" [...]

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