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Unable to Login to Windows Live (MSN) Messenger with 80048820 Extended 80048416 Error Code

When trying to sign in or login to Windows Live Messenger, which previously known as MSN Messenger, the login attempt fails and users unable to sign in to Messenger service with the following error message: We were [...]

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Unblock Yahoo and MSN (Windows Live) Messenger Blocking with Email Trick

More and more companies block access to Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger (Windows Live Messenger) instant messaging (IM) client programs and chatting services to avoid and prevent employees lack of concentration on work from affecting their job [...]

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Most Popular IM Client and Instant Messenger Service

The competition between various instant messaging clients, and its protocols or services. From the pioneer ICQ, more and more IM services such as Windows Live Messenger (previously known as .NET or MSN Messenger), AOL Instant Messenger, Google [...]

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Run and Log-in to Multiple Windows Live (MSN) Messenger with MultiMSN

Windows Live Messenger (previously known as MSN Messenger) only allow user to load or launch one session or instance of WLM messenger service. One WLM only bring some trouble to instant messaging addicts who have more than [...]

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Remove or Hide Windows Live Messenger Tabs

In Windows Live Messenger (formerly known as MSN Messenger 8), there is product and service tabs (buttons) that are located on the left side of the main Windows Live Messenger window. To hide or remove the tabs: [...]

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