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Enable Munin Node Plugins to Monitor Apps and System Components

Munin uses plugins to determine what data and information on the servers that it should collect, analyze, graph and report. By default, on a fresh Munin installation, it enables several most common plugins that gather critical data [...]

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Install Munin Tracking & Monitoring System (RedHat/CentOS/Ubuntu/SUSE)

Munin Monitoring System is one of the popular computer system, network and infrastructure monitoring tool. With Munin, real-time information about the servers, applications, services, SANs, network and many more resources is available in graphs through a web [...]

Fix Munin Exim Mail Throughput Graph Not Updating Problem

Munin server service monitoring tool has a strange problem, that the Exim Mail Throughput graph may suddenly stop updating and become blank. The Exim Mail Throughput graph provides useful information and statistics on how many mails have [...]

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Fix for Munin MySQL Monitoring Plugin Graph Not Showing or Blank

Munin is a monitoring tool used to survey and monitor the performance of computers, networks, SANs, applications, databases, weather measurements and other parameters. Munin remembers and records information it captured and presents them in graphs through a [...]

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