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Showing Current Time and Date in Notepad (Easter Egg Function)

Notepad, the basic text editor that comes with almost every versions of Windows operating system, has a hidden Easter egg or function that able to display current time and date automatically on opening of the text document. [...]

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Auto Install Script for Notepad2 in Windows to Replace Notepad

For Notepad2 lovers who want to use Notepad2 in Windows as Notepad replacement to completely replace the default classic yet not much functionality Notepad, they can follow this hack. However, if you do not want to do [...]

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Replace Notepad with Another Text Editor (Notepad2 and Notepad++) in Windows

You have downloaded an Notepad replacement text editor, such as Notepad2 or Notepad++. After installing the program, you may intend to replace the Notepad completely with the new text editor. By replacing Notepad, the new text editor [...]

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