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How to Rename or Move Oracle Tablespace Datafile to Another Location

Oracle database does not provide an easy user interface to rename a datafile of tablespace, nor database administrator can easily move or relocate the datafile to another location or directory that different from original location on creation [...]

How Drop Tablespace and Recover Oracle Database When Accidentally Delete Datafile

Accident may happens, even though it's costly one. This is especially the case in Oracle database, which stores the database objects physically in data files on hard disk. Fast hand administrators may accidentally delete some of the [...]

How to Remove and Drop Datafiles from Tablespace in Oracle Database

Oracle RDBMS databases stores data logically in the form of tablespaces and physically in the form of data files. The datafiles are added to the tablespaces as database space requirement grows bigger. However, there are several reasons [...]

How to Escape Characters in Oracle PL/SQL Queries

Oracle databases reserve some special characters with specific meaning and purpose within Oracle environment. These reserved characters include _ (underscore) wild card character which used to match exactly one character, % (percentage) which used to match zero [...]

Duplicate, Copy or Backup Tables in MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2 and SQLite with Create Table As SQL

In Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2, MySQL, MariaDB and SQLite database system, there is a nice command feature called Create Table As which allows easy duplicating of a table with data from another or a few other tables. The [...]

Delete, Remove or Drop Oracle Stored Packages with Drop Package

Oracle Package is an object in Oracle database that allows developers and designers to group procedures and functions into common groups, typically based upon their functionality. Package can be treated as the container for functions and procedures. [...]

Oracle ORA-01658 Unable to Create INITIAL Extent for Segment in Tablespace Error

When inserting records into Oracle database by SQL statements, creating new tables, importing backup dump into Oracle database or when manipulating tables or data in the Oracle database, the following error may occurs: ORA-01658: unable to create [...]

Create, Add or Split Oracle Database Partition Fails with ORA-14080 Error

Oracle table partitioning is important for optimum performance of the database, as it allows Oracle to process the specific and independat partition or part that is smaller in size, instead of entire full table or database. However, [...]

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