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There Are No Previous Versions Available (Not Showing / Not Listed) in Windows 10

In Windows 10, the Previous Versions feature may not be working properly on a disk drive, partition or volume, despite the Shadow Copy (also known as Volume Shadow Copy or Volume Snapshot Service or VSS) and/or System [...]

Access & View System Restore (Shadow Copy / Previous Versions) Backup Files in Windows

Windows operating systems, ever since Windows Me in 1990s era, include a feature that helps to recover the system in the event of BSODs (Blue Screen of Death), errors, crashes, driver conflicts, system files or registry corruption, [...]

Force Automatic System Restore Points Creation (Change Trigger Schedule)

System Restore is an important feature of Windows operating system since Windows XP that protects system files from corruption, conflict or accidental deletion. If something goes wrong, user can always restore the computer system files to an [...]

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Recover Files with Previous Versions (Volume Shadow Copy) in Windows with ShadowExplorer

Volume Shadown Copy (VSS or Shadow Copy for Shared Folders prior to Windows Vista such as Windows XP) or more commonly known as Previous Versions which used as the name for right click context menu command and [...]

Exclude Files from Shadow Copies (Previous Versions and System Restore)

Volume Shadow Copies (VSS or also known as Volume Snapshot Services) is the technology used to perform snapshot and backup of system files and user data files at a specific time at regular interval. The incremental backup [...]

Change / Set Windows Vista Shadow Copy & System Restore Disk Space Limit in Explorer GUI

Windows Vista users can easily change the amount of local disk space limit that Volume Shadow Copy and System Restore can used to create restore points on the system which backup files and folders for recovery by [...]

Previous Versions (Shadow Copy) vs Recycle Bin in Windows

If you own Windows Vista Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate edition or all Windows 7 editions, or you may notice there is a Previous Versions tab for each files and folders. Previous Versions is a one of new [...]