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Unpin & Remove Project Spartan Blank Icon Left in Windows 10 Taskbar

The codename for Microsoft Edge web browser is Project Spartan. Project Spartan has been the brand name of the new web browser in Windows 10 since the its inclusion in Windows 10 Build 10049, until around Windows [...]

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Microsoft Edge Web Browser (Project Spartan) is IE Replacement in Windows 10

It's long known that Microsoft is developing a new web browser in Windows 10 to replace the aged Internet Explorer. The new web browser was codenamed "Project Spartan", and has been made available for free usage to [...]

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Download Windows 10 Build 10049 to Enable & Use Project Spartan Web Browser

The new web browser from Microsoft which is set to replace the slow, bloated, lack in web standards support and resource-hungry Internet Explorer, Project Spartan, has been released for sneak preview on March 30, 2015. Project Spartan [...]

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