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Move Windows Vista Desktop Recycle Bin to Sidebar with RecycleBin Gadget

Don't want any 'rubbish' on Windows Vista desktop to spoil the beautifulness of your favorite background wallpaper or animated DreamScene video motion desktop? Recycle Bin icon on the desktop may be an eyesore to some people, especially [...]

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Previous Versions (Shadow Copy) vs Recycle Bin in Windows

If you own Windows Vista Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate edition or all Windows 7 editions, or you may notice there is a Previous Versions tab for each files and folders. Previous Versions is a one of new [...]

Hide and Remove Recycle Bin Text Wording on Windows Desktop

Recycle Bin icon, when configure to show on Windows desktop, will always have a line of text "Recycle Bin" as description below the icon. However the recycle bin icon image is pretty easy to recognize as the [...]

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