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Skype Icon Missing from Notification Area (System Tray) for Windows 10 UWP Store App

After installing Skype for Windows 10 UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app from Windows Store, the Skype icon that normally resides in the notification area (commonly known as system tray) at the end of the Taskbar is missing [...]

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Unable to Quit Skype via Taskbar Icon in Windows 10

When running Skype in Windows 10 (especially after in-place upgrading to Windows 10 from previous versions of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 but may also happen on clean installation of Windows 10), Skype users cannot make Skype [...]

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Skype Translator Real-Time Speech Translation in Voice & Video Calls Free Download

Skype Translator app is a Skype client from Microsoft that supports near real-time speech and IM text translation translation to different languages. Skype Translator was first released in December 2014 on an invite-only basic for selected Windows [...]

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Free 30 Minutes SkypeOut Skype Credit Voucher for International VoIP Call

Skype is one of the most reliable VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service that allows users to make telephone calls over the Internet to local and international global destinations. Even though calls to other Skype users who [...]

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Disable, Uninstall and Remove Skype Add-On Call This Phone Number on Web Page and Toolbar Plugin Menu in IE

When browse web pages with phone number on it, you may notice that the phone number has been highlighted and embedded in Skype code as colorful option-selectable button, preceding with country flag. If you hover the mouse [...]

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Remove Skype Extra Contacts from Microsoft Outlook

Do you ever notice there are mysterious contacts on Skype contact list? These unknown mystery Skype contacts are not added by anybody, but just suddenly appear. The contacts may be names or phone numbers that you familiar, [...]

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Millions Unable to Login to Skype Due to Software Glitches

If you have trying to login to Skype Internet telephony software for the whole day unsuccessfully, you're not the only one, possibly millions of Skype users worldwide share your pain on unable to connect and login to [...]

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AIM Phoneline and Skype 2.5 Review and Comparison by PCWorld

AIM Phoneline and Skype are both software-based Internet VoIP phone services. In AIM Phoneline which used together with AIM instant messaging Triton IM client, users are given a local phone number called AIM Digits for free, and [...]

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Phone Calling over Wi-Fi with Vonage UTStarcom F1000 VoIP Phone, SJPhone and Skype Review

Post-Gazette reviews 3 ways of making VoIP (Voice over IP) calls via Wi-Fi wireless network connection, by using a Wi-Fi handset, the UTStarcom F1000 WiFi VoIP SIP phone from Vonage, softphone SJPhone from SJ Labs and free [...]

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