Standby / Sleep (Suspend to RAM / S3)

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Disable Windows from Asking for Password to Unlock on Wake Up Resume from Sleep/Standby

Whenever desktop or notebook computer wakes up from sleep, standby or hibernation state (which also happens when user closes laptop's lid, unless specifically disable sleep on lid closing), the system is locked up on log on screen, [...]

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What is Hybrid Sleep and Differences with Basic Sleep Mode in Windows

Sleep mode as a fast way to turn off the computer has been supported by Windows operating system for a while, which also known as Standby. Standby or Sleep is actually Windows implementation name of ACPI mode [...]

What is the Differences Between Sleep (Standby) and Hibernate in Windows

Have you ever thought of what is the differences between Sleep and Hibernate options provided by Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 shutdown function? Both commands provide a easy and quick way [...]