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Prolong and Extend Battery Life of Windows Mobile 5 Devices by Enabling Power Management

For a portable mobile device, the longevity of the battery life and hours lasted by the battery before its power runs out. When using portable handheld device or mobile device such as PDA, portable media player, Pocket [...]

T-Mobile SDA Smartphone Review by BrightHand

T-Mobile SDA is an e-mail-ready phone that runs on Windows Mobile 5.0. Brighthand suggested that it's a powerful voice-oriented device with some kinks, but overall well done. It's not the most powerful smartphone on the market, but [...]

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T-Mobile Smart Digital Assistant (SDA) Smartphone Review by Sci-Tech Today

Sci-Tech Today reviewed quad-band T-Mobile SDA (Smart Digital Assistant) smartphone, which features 1.3-megapixel camera, built-in speakerphone, bluetooth, infrared and running on Windows Mobile 5.0. Sci-Tech Today found that the new $250 T-Mobile SDA smartphone packs an enviable [...]

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