USB (Universal Serial Bus)

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How to Disable Write Access to USB Hard Disk & Flash Key Drives

There is a registry hack that able to disable the USB drive access to USB mass storage device such as flash drive, USB key, thumb drive, pendrive and portable hard disk while keeping the USB hardware device [...]

Disable USB Removable Mass Storage Device Drive Access in Windows

It's possible to simply disable USB ports support in PC BIOS in order to prevent and forbid computer user from using USB removable flash drive or mass storage device (portable hard disk drive) to copy and transfer [...]

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Change or Delete System Drive Letter via Registry to Remove Conflict USB or FireWire Drive Letter

In Windows operating system especially Windows XP, when plug in external USB or FireWire mass storage device such as USB key, flash drive, portable hard drive, the drive is not been assigned a drive letter by the [...]

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Unable to Open Hard Disk or USB Flash Drive with Windows Script Host Cannot Find Script File autorun.vbs Error

In some situation especially when anti-virus program has cleaned, healed, disinfected or removed a worm, Trojan horse or virus from computer, there may be error happening whenever users try to open or access the drive by double [...]

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