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Avira Phantom VPN Pro Free 1 Year Subscription License

Avira Phantom VPN Pro is another commercial VPN (Virtual Private Network) service in the crowded and competitive market. Like other VPN services, Avira Phantom VPN Pro helps users to surf the web securely and anonymously in order [...]

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WindScribe Lifetime Free VPN with 50GB Bandwidth from 8 Countries

WindScribe is one of the relative new VPN (virtual private network) service provider that allows users to connect one of its server and send and receive data over the Internet (public network) via secure and encrypted tunnel [...]

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Fix Hotspot Shield Bandwidth Exceeded, TCP Connect Wait, Auth Failure or Daemon Start Error

Hotspot Shield is essentially a free private secure VPN tunnel service that routes through a US server with USA location IP address. And thus, it has been used not only for security unencrypted wireless connection connected to [...]

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