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Fix WordPress W3 Total Cache (W3TC) Uncaught Exception Unknown Engine 500 Fatal Error

When installing and activating W3 Total Cache (W3TC) plugin on WordPress, or after upgrading to W3 Total Cache (W3TC) version 0.9.6, the HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) response code 500 Internal Server Error or Application Error, which indicates [...]

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Automatically Flush & Purge W3TC (W3 Total Cache)

W3 Total Cache (W3TC) is one of the most popular web performance optimization and caching plugin for WordPress. When configured, W3TC can cache dynamically generated PHP web pages as static HTML web pages, significantly increases website response [...]

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Unable to Fetch Page Speed Results in W3 Total Cache

After configuring the Page Speed API Key in W3 Total Cache plugin in order to retrieve and view Google Page Speed Report from within the WordPress dashboard, the following error message is displayed in Google Page Speed [...]

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Fix W3 Total Cache Failed to Open Dir /cache/db/option_comments Error

For WordPress website installed with W3 Total Cache (W3TC) plugin which intends to optimize and speed up the delivery of dynamic content to visitors, there may be occasional occurrences of PHP error such as the following: warning: [...]

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